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Kubon Gelatin

Kubon (Cambodia) Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is a world's leading progressive Gelatin and Collagen manufacturer. With a consistent focus on innovation in technology, world changing markets, and customer demands, Kubon Gelatin try to offer consumers a life beyond traditional ways and create a Green & Healthy world.

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Kubon Gelatin try to offer consumers a life beyond traditional ways and create a Green & Healthy world.

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There are more people who enjoy incorporating gelatin into their life, and for good reason. This well-known superfood is a baked type of connective tissues derived from closed-class word tissue paper, animal tissue, and certain animal bones.
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In addition, Gelatin and collagen peptides can be used for protein enrichment, fat/carbohydrate reduction and as a carrier. These highly versatile areas of application of course require different types of Gelatin; and these require expert advice in selection.
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Certified Quality
Kubon (Cambodia) Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. is AAAAA rated to the highest level of Food Safety Administration of Cambodia. We systematically analyse and manage food safety at all stages of the supply chain.
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Our Products


Bovine Gelatin

Hydrolyzed Bovine Gelatin is a protein product produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen, a protein material, extracted from animal tissue such as skin and bone.



Invented almost a century ago, gelatin-based tender-tablets stay one of the maximum relied on shipping systems for current-day prescribed drugs.


Edible Gelatin

Edible gelatin is used in myriad of eatable products such as jams, desserts, pet food, fish gelatin and many more edibles.


Bone Meal

Effectively available proteins were tested as renewable flocculants, and their movements were in comparison to that of anionic PAM, a common, business flocculant that calls for the coaddition of a calcium ion supply.


Bovine Gelatin Peptide

Collagen peptide is a white odourless powder, neutral in taste and easily soluble in cold liquids. The collagen peptide is made by hydrolysis process from type I collagen.


Di-Calcium Phosphate

Dicalcium phosphate is the calcium phosphate with the method CaHPO₄ and its dihydrate.

Kubon Gelatin

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